Remco Munnik

Director, Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy

Remco is Director within Deloitte, bringing to the table over two decades of expertise in Life Science and Regulatory Affairs. His track record extends beyond a decade’s worth of consultancy, involving Regulatory Information Management (RIM) and electronic submissions. As a recognized figure in the field, his knowledge spans across eCTD, xEVMPD and ISO IDMP.

Remco actively participates and holds various leadership roles: Medicines for Europe Telematics group, where he serves as the Chair, and the IRISS Forum, where he is the acting President of the Executive Committee.

Remco strongly believes that innovation in the Life Sciences sector does not solely rely on waiting for the next significant breakthrough or a fortunate turn of events. His vision is built on the conviction that innovation is best fostered by cultivating a proactive attitude. This involves taking strategic, incremental steps that evolve into data-driven leaps, propelling us towards unprecedented discoveries and superior innovation. This proactive, calculated approach not only expedites our progress but also paves the way for ground-breaking advancements.