What to expect:



Revolutionary Product Launch

Formally unveiling the CARA Hub™ – secure and compliant collaboration with partners, suppliers, and service providers

Explore the CARA Life Sciences Platform™

Find out what CLS means for you, learn about the roadmap, and contribute live with your peers

Discover the Potential of CARA™

Meet the architects, take in the exciting roadmap, learn about building with CARA, and get to grips the powerhouse behind Digital Transformation

Check out our Build-a-thon

Watch as our configuration team battle to create whole systems from scratch in just a few hours!


Understand the Generis Approach

We’ll explain our approach to AI with CARA, present our roadmap for AI enabled solutions, and discuss how we can implement for our customers

Deep Technical Expertise

We’ve partnered with some of the most trusted and successful AI developers in our industry who will talk about real, exciting examples and how to get there

Meet the Ecosystem

Find out about the new ecosystem of AI solutions that will be supporting CARA, ask questions, and learn how these new tools can accelerate your work

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Industry Insight

Hear the Data News from Industry Experts

Get the latest information on data standards, ontologies, implementation timelines, and best practices from people working closely with the agencies

Pick Up Business Process Tips

Hear from the industry’s leading professionals on digital transformation, change management, and business process optimisation

Get Actionable Advice

Learn strategies for improving your data management, fighting sprawls of content, and working smarter not harder

Meet the Enablers

Find the answers from our knowledgeable partners, thought leaders, and subject matter experts


Hear from your Peers

Hear other customers’ experiences, learn and share best practices and keys to success

Working Groups

Take advantage of the full 1/2 day Regulatory and Quality Working Groups, drop in to our Technical Round table with the Generis Development team, or find out how our partners can support you with CARA

Chat with our Leadership

Meet the full Generis senior leadership and C-level team, ask questions, share your ideas, and learn about our growth and vision for the next 3 years

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Full Session Details and Timings Available February 12th

Why Attend Generate?

New product announcements ・ Face time with our leadership team  ・ Share your experience  ・  Learn best practices  ・  Guidance on regulations ・ Influence the direction of the CARA Platform ・ Network with peers

We are continuously improving, developing and adding to CARA, this is made possible due to the invaluable feedback we get from our customers. We see Generate not only as an opportunity to tell you what we’ve been working on, but also to get feedback. We will have drop-in sessions and roundtables on different topics, including our Regulatory Working Group. This gives our customers the opportunity to talk to each other, compare their success stories and take this knowledge back to their organisations to continue improving their usage of CARA.